Kickers 04 Win Promotion

Updated Monday March 25, 2013 by Josh Curlee.

Are you guys ready?  We're moving up to play with a mixture of young lads and old ringers.  Will my tactical acumen be enough for us to earn some wins or will the oil money of the “big three” be too much for us to overcome.  There is only one way to find out.

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Scott Guenthner commented on March 25, 8:04pm
"Nerd. "
Scott Guenthner commented on March 25, 8:04pm
"Why is there a volleyball on our logo?"
Mike Tobin commented on March 27, 2:54am
"I thought this was D1 volleyball this year?!"
Matt Schlicksup commented on April 29, 9:46pm
"This is a really awesome volleyball website. Where is our soccer page though?"
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